The Disabled Gaming Resource


Being a fan of videogames while being disabled can be difficult. When we’re not flat-out ignored, the resources we need to enjoy our hobby are often scarce and difficult to find.

To help rectify that, here is a collection of resources, tools, and communities, both for those with disabilities and those who want to make things easier for us.

I hope this list of resources helps. If there is anything I have missed, please tweet @JoeParlock or email parlock (at) outlook (dot) com, and I will try and add it to the list.

Please note: While I am not able to personally verify every resource on this list, I have been sure to exclude defunct or too-small organisations.

I also do not claim to necessarily share the personal politics, opinions or beliefs of anyone on this list. We all just work toward the same common goal: making lives easier for disabled gamers.

I’m a disabled gamer, or know a disabled gamer, and need help:

SpecialEffect (UK) –

AbleGamers –

CanAssist (Canada) –

Accessable Games –


The Controller Project –

OneSwitch –

I want reviews of games that take disabled accessibility into account:

Unstoppable Gamer – –

I am a developer and want to make my game more accessible:

Includification –

Brannon Zahand’s accessibility guide –

BBC’s Accessible Game Standards (more for web-based games) –

IGDA Game Accessibility Special Interest Group –

Game Accessibility Guidelines –

Alan Zucconi’s Colour Blindness tutorial –

I am a disabled gamer and want to find other disabled people to play with:

/r/DisabledGamers –

AbleGamers Steam Group –

Disabled Gamers and Friends –

I want to read more about gaming with disabilities:

Antagonise the Horn’s disabled writing masterpost –

My own collection of writing –



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